Nativity-Round-Set-CopyrightIt’s almost December! *Squeal!* I have my advent calendars ready to go (both the pretty one for display and the store-bought one made out of cardboard that comes with chocolate for each day), garland hung, wreath swinging on the door, and the yummy Christmas candle out. (I have a pine and pomegranate candle: heav-en-ly.) And of course, my “Michael Buble Holiday” Pandora station is going constantly. One thing I don’t have though is a nativity set. I think every home should have a nativity. It’s a sweet reminder of why we celebrate Christmas, in my opinion.

I am pregnant with my first baby (Little Boy Blue) and I’m thinking ahead for him for when he’s old enough to start comprehending why we celebrate Christmas. I think the nativity is a great teaching opportunity, and what child doesn’t like to have visuals they can play with and touch? (My mom has a couple of nativities: the one for display that is off limits to kids, and another that the kids know they can play with. It’s always so interesting to watch them go straight for baby Jesus when they want to touch and pick something up.) So, in an effort to help other little ones out there have an experience with a nativity, I created this nativity set. I’m selling the digital file for $4.00 in my Etsy shop.

Shannon, a very good friend of mine, gave me the idea for this and now I’m executing. She has a little magnet nativity set on her refrigerator and I thought this would be a great little set to have laminated and throw some magnets on the back and let your kids play with and rearrange on the fridge. Or just get them laminated (for protection) and let kids play with them at church or at home. I also have a black and white free printable you can just print off and let your kids color. (What little one doesn’t like to color?!)

Merry Christmas!