norah jones
I’m kind of obsessed with the “Norah Jones Holiday” Pandora station. It is perfect for me. I can’t believe Christmas is only a couple of days away. I’ve been so wrapped up in work that I’ve barely stopped to notice that Christmas is here! One thing I do wish is that there were more Christmas movies playing on TV. I sat down to do some work last night with my husband and we turned on the TV for some background noise, but there was nothing even remotely good on! We don’t own very many DVDs (and the ones we do own we’ve watched a few too many times), so it’s fun when there’s something good on TV. It’s Christmas! Shouldn’t there be the 24/7 reruns of “A Christmas Story?” (Maybe there are, but we’re cheap and don’t have cable or Netflix.) Oh well… we’ll go to our parents’ houses for Christmas and watch their DVR-ed Christmas movies.

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the preparations!