Guess what?! We just got the final word tonight that we are moving! We have lived in a small, one bedroom, basement apartment since we got married and my little boy has had to put up with sharing his space with my dresser, closet, the washer and dryer, and the linen closet. Not that he cares…he’s three months old…but I care. I’m going a bit stir crazy in this place and need a little more room. We live downtown and didn’t want to move out of our ward or the area. We were blessed to find an amazing two bedroom place…fully furnished and beautifully remodeled…all within our price range. Am I giddy? YES. Super giddy? YES. We will be moving the end of this month. I have definitely learned to appreciate the little things…bathrooms that fit at least two people, paint that doesn’t contain lead or doesn’t peel, an upstairs neighbor who doesn’t cook dog food or kimchi at 2:00 in the morning, an upstairs neighbor whose dog doesn’t wake us up barking, an upstairs neighbor who doesn’t do laundry at 6:00 am on a Saturday morning, and… carpet. Silly? Yes, but carpet makes all the difference after living with a mostly tiled apartment.

Anyway…now that we have a room for the little wiggle monster, I’m getting excited to decorate it with a few little things. I also want to throw up a few frames in the bathroom. When I’m big and have my own house and my kids share their own bathroom, I want to hang these little “reminders” up for them. I designed this set and posted them on my Etsy shop. My mind can’t quite handle the thought of owning my own house and being able to paint and decorate it the way I want…my husband and I dream about it a lot, but it seems so far off that we’d ever be able to save up the money for a down payment. One day, right? But for right now, I’m just counting the days til we get to move.

Any packing tips?