Christmas Cards

Working on a few Christmas cards this season and am in love with some of the current colors and trends! …and my darling friends for having such beautiful families! If you need a Christmas card, shoot me an email: Charging $15 for a custom card and high-res file for you to print.

Lloyd-Family-Christmas-Card1 Lloyd-Family-Christmas-Card4 Lloyd-Family-Christmas-Card9 Wells-Family-Christmas-Card3 Wells-Family-Christmas-Card6

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I’m pregnant! And I found out last week we’re expecting a little girl! I was in a bit of shock when they told me – so much so I asked them to check again! I couldn’t be more thrilled to have a little princess to keep my little prince company. Finn isn’t quite old enough to understand he’s getting a little playmate, but he knows there’s a “bebe” in mommy’s tummy. That’s something, right? We’re expecting the little one around February 18, and I’m working with a midwife to bring the little one into the world at home. So, so excited for that. Yay for babies!


Cute or not?

So…I saw this on Pinterest (totally in love with it) and it sparked my interest in making my own banner:

This is what I came up with, but I can’t tell if it’s cute or not. I like it, but that’s because I put a lot of work into it. I’m thinking about selling them on my Etsy shop as well, but am not sure. Buyers could customize the wording and I could sell different cloth options. This one is just a basic canvas fabric. Thoughts?

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Latest Designs

I haven’t been up to much lately because of some health reasons, but I’m slowly pulling Illustrator back up and finding how much I have missed it! A friend of mine asked me if I’d help her design a few things for her home and I jumped at the chance. Designing is so much more fun when you have someone in mind! Here are a few of the things I designed for her. These prints are all available to purchase in my Etsy shop.


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Christmas Cards

love this time of year! The holidays are coming, cool air brings fun winter clothes, and tons of family time! I love getting Christmas cards in the mail too and seeing the growth and change of families and reading their updates. Because I know how busy this time of year gets and how easily the Christmas card can get neglected, I have some options for you to choose from to save you the hassle!

Here’s how it works: choose a picture or two you want to show off, your template (choose from below), and send me your name and the wording you’d like included on the card, and I’ll send it to you.

For $15, I’ll send you the customized Christmas card (JPEG format) that you can print out at Costco, Walmart, or wherever you like to print out pictures. Each card is a 5×7 and will fit nicely into a 5×7 envelope.

To order, first check out through Paypal (gray button below) and include which Christmas card you’d like in the instructions to seller. Then, send an email to and include the picture(s) you would like on the card, as well as any other special details you’d like me to include. (Note: you do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase a card. You can check out as a one-time user.)

Happy shopping!


ChristmasCardBLOG1 ChristmasCardBLOG2 ChristmasCardBLOG3


Praying for this child

1-Samuel-1-27-TraditionalGreenI came across this scripture, thanks to one of my customers, and I started to cry. It has so much more emotional meaning to me now that I have a little boy sleeping in the next room.

I prayed everyday during my pregnancy that I’d have the strength and mental clarity to take care of this little person – it scared me so much I wouldn’t know what he needed when he cried. Now that he is here, I’m still praying. Yes, I’ve learned what he needs when he cries and I know how to console him, but my prayers are slowly shifting from what need to take care of him, to what he needs and will need in the future. He, and my future children, are going to grow up in a world that I didn’t grow up in. Experiences through their eyes will be totally different compared to experiences I had when I was their age. I pray he/ they will stay close to me and their dad, and most of all, their Savior Jesus Christ so they can navigate everything they’re going to face.

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“Family Scripture”

Proverbs-3-5-6BLOGGrowing up, I shouldn’t have been surprised when I came along a friend and found out that their “family scripture” growing up was Proverbs 3:5-6. That was our family scripture as well. I thought because it was our “family scripture” we were the only family to use it. Well, it’s a powerful scripture and one I don’t blame my parents, or any parents, wanting to embed in the memories of their children. To this day I can recite it word for word, as can my six-year-old niece. Will it be my family scripture as my little ones get bigger? Yep – not only because it was mine, but because it was my husband’s family scripture as well.

So, this design is for all those who memorized Proverbs 3:5-6 growing up! Enjoy!

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I day dream about the things my little boy will grow up loving. He’s only a couple of months old right now, but I assume trucks, planes, cars, and rocket ships will be among the things he will love and obsess over. I put together these rocket ships to hang in his room. They are also for sale on my Etsy shop!Blue-Rocket Red-Rocket Yellow-Rocket

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Frozen Dairy Dessert?

BreyersI went grocery shopping today and had everything I needed but still had a couple dollars left for this week’s grocery budget…so I did what any other self-respecting woman would do: I meandered through the ice cream isle. To my surprise, Breyers was on sale for $2.99. Done and done. I was super surprised because Breyers was always the “special ice cream” my family bought growing up. It was the best you could buy, but for $2.99? I think it was just a blessing because I stayed within my grocery budget. 😉

I get home and my husband opens the freezer and sees Breyers sitting there. “What is ‘Frozen Dairy Dessert?'” We looked at the label and sure enough, no where on the label does it say “ice cream.” Simply, “frozen dairy dessert.” We did a bit of research and found this article in the New York Times about Breyers’ identity crisis. “I scream…you scream…we all scream for frozen dairy dessert!” The beauty of the “all natural” Breyers is gone. Tear.

Come back, Breyers! But in the meantime, I’ll enjoy my new favorite: Tillamook.

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